FOCUS ON Release Liners

Valentia Industries Limited, a company within the PPI Group, is a major specialized producer of release films. The company manufactures both single and double-sided siliconized polyester and polypropylene films.  
Valentia Industries Ltd has developed a highly sophisticated coating system that ensures the production of release films with the lowest possible migration. This outstanding feature coupled with the excellent mechanical and chemical properties of the base films make PPI release films the ideal product for industrial applications that demand interliners, covering and protection films and substrates.
PPI Release Liners are of the best qualities:
  • no migration - we have eliminated the danger of transfer of silicone from the release liner to the material
  • the very close tolerance in the coating weight
  • the excellent mechanical strength and chemical resistance of the base films
  • very long shelf life and high stability in extreme weather conditions
  • long-term temperature resistance up to 130°C and short-term temperature resistance up to 200°C
  • wide range of industrial applications
  • available in wide range of film thicknesses , release liner roll widths 
  • available in a wide range of formats such as die-cut pieces and release liner sheets 
  • the wide range of film materials (polyester; transparent and white, PVC, polypropylene, etc.)
PPI release liners have been tested and approved by a wide variety of industries worldwide. They have led to a continuing increase in the range and diversity of applications for which they are used. They can be manufactured and coated with various materials, thicknesses and widths.
Contact us for a discussion on how best we can help you with your siliconized release liner requirements. Our R&D Department is ready to provide innovative, bespoke solutions based on your ideas and specifications. 

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