Nomex Solutions

PPI Adhesive Products Ltd manufactures an advanced range of electrical insulation tapes based on Nomex* to satisfy the most challenging applications of our customers.

Nomex combines the properties of a paper and a high-quality polymer material. It has the same lightweight structure, permeability and appearance as a normal paper but it is produced using very robust and stable aramid fibres. As a result, Nomex has excellent high temperature and electrical insulation properties plus it is non-flammable and highly chemically resistant.

Nomex Polyamide paper is an excellent insulator available in a wide range of thicknesses, it possesses high-temperature resistance, good dielectric strength, ideal mechanical toughness, and flexibility. It is designed to operate in the temperature range of 150°C to 220°C (302°F to 428°F) and it can operate at a continuous exposure temperature of 220°C.

Insulation tapes based on Nomex polyamide paper are suitable for many applications such as:

  • Electrical insulation of transformers, generators, electric vehicle motors, or wind turbine systems
    • Insulation for bar wound armature
    • Phase and Layer Insulation
    • Coil Banding and Wrapping
  • Electrical insulation in electronics
  • Thermal runaway protection in EV batteries (the self-extinguishing nature of the Nomex is required here)

We in PPI Adhesive Products Ltd, also have the possibility to combine Nomex-based tapes with other substrates to produce a wide range of laminated Nomex products. In addition, we produce a Nomex/Mica tape product that is specifically recommended for corona discharge resistant and high flame retardancy application areas. All of these products are available in roll or die-cut form specifically tailored to our customer requirements.

*Trade Mark of E. I. Du Pont de Nemours


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