laminate tape

PPI 1096
laminate tape

A special laminate tape based on a combination of soft, annealed copper foil with polyester film. The copper foil is partially wrapped with the polyester insulation leaving a minimum 1 mm solder gap on one side. This heat class B (up to 130oC/ 266oF) laminate tape can be supplied in a multitude of film and copper foil thicknesses and width constructions.

Static shields: Acting as an electromagnetic/ electrostatic shield, the laminate is applied between the primary and secondary winding and also earthed. The shield thus prevents capacitive coupling between the primary and secondary winding.
Direct winding: Copper foil laminates are also used as replacements for copper wire in primary and secondary windings. Foil conductors have the advantage of having a greater surface area for a given cross sectional area, when compared to wire conductors. Since most of the current flowing through a conductor is on the surface (i.e. the so called “skin effect”) and the limitations of the skin effect are most noticeable as frequencies increase, this has resulted in major use of foil laminate tapes in the production of high frequency transformers.