Masking Tapes for Powder Coating Industry

PPI Adhesive Products Ltd. is a key manufacturer of high quality masking tapes for the paint and powder coat industries. We have over 30 years experience in development and manufacture of "problem solving" tapes and die cut pieces, offering our customers the competitive edge they need in a progressive market place. Our masking tapes for coating industry are used throughout the world because of the reliability that these tapes offer.

  • Polyester film based masking tapes available in a wide range of thicknesses and colours capable of resisting temperatures up to 220oC short term
  • Also produced in die-cut shapes for masking specific parts or areas
  • Polyimide and Glassfabric based tapes for longer term masking up to 220 oC
  • High temperature resistant adhesive ensures Fine Line masking combined with Residue Free removal

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Glasscloth tapes
Low tack adhesive tapes
PCB protection tapes
Powder Coat Masking Tapes
Teflon Glasscloth Tapes
Valentia release films