Tapes for Electronics and Electrical Industry

The design and manufacture of Electronic and Electrical devices and the individual parts of their constructions require a great amount of attention for ensuring total compliance with occupational safety regulations and standards. PPI masking tapes for electronics and electrical industry have been designed and developed in accordance with these standards and are used extensively throughout the world.

Selected applications of the PPI products used in Electronics and Electrical industry Electronics & Electrical

  • EMI/RFI Shielding tapes based on Aluminium, Copper & Tin/clad copper foils.
  • Copper Foil/Polyester film based laminates for Coil Winding & EMI shielding applications.
  • Tapes produced with Polyimide, PEN, Glasscloth & Nomex (Du Pont) for high temperature laminates.
  • Thermally conductive tapes & foams for thermal management & protection of critical components.
  • Thermal Transfer Polyimide Labelstock for PCB & High Temperature applications.
  • Electrically conductive Transfer Adhesives.  


Selected applications in the use of PPI products in telecommunication.

  • TelecommunicationsHigh temperature resistant Matt Black Polyimide insulating tapes
  • Anti-Static PCB Solder Masking Tapes
  • Anti-Static Bag Sealing Tapes For P.C.B. and Electronic components
  • Anti-Static Cover tape for SMD carrier reels
  • Lead free Conductive Strip Mask tapes for EMI Shielding of electronic cabinet doors


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Name of the product card
Aluminium foil tapes (Speed tape)
Copper foil tapes
Cover tapes
Differential adhesive Double sided tapes
Electrical Machine phase / Slot insulation tapes
Electrical Transformer Tapes
Electrical glasscloth tapes for transformers
Glasscloth tapes
High adhesion Double sided tapes
Labelstock polyester/PEN
Labelstock polyimide
Laminates for transformers shielding and winding
Low ESD tapes
Low tack adhesive tapes
Oil filled transformer tapes
PCB protection tapes
Plasma Spray Masking Tape
Powder Coat Masking Tapes
Shielding foils
Teflon Glasscloth Tapes
Thermally Conductive Tapes
Tin Clad copper foils tapes
Valentia release films