Smart Cards Industry

PPI Adhesive Products have developed a range of conductive and non-conductive heat-activated tapes specially designed for Smart Cards solutions. These tapes are noted for their excellent bonding properties and confirm our status as a major partner in the Smart Card industry sector.

The company offers a wide range of solutions for chip implantation including materials for Dual Interface or Non-contacted Cards, Contacted Cards, SIM Cards, ID Cards, Transport Cards, etc.

The products developed by PPI Adhesive Products are suitable for PVC, ABS and Polycarbonate materials and guarantee a high level of precision, effectivity, and flexibility.  Furthermore, our high-bond chip embedding adhesives have incredible bonding strength.

These tape products can be utilised in all common major production machines. The tapes are colourless and use siliconised paper as the interliner.

PPI Adhesives Products Smart Card tapes (or Sim Card tapes) are renowned for their high chip bonding strength and reliable long-term adhesion.



Conductive Heat Activated Tapes

When manufacturing Dual Interface or Non-contacted Cards, many manufacturers use the conductive paste to bond the flip chip. 

Using electrically conductive heat-activated films (or anisotropic conductive films - ACF) for bonding the chip module, PPI Adhesive Products offers an alternative to the paste or glue, reducing the processes involved in manufacturing and thus increasing efficiency.

Our conductive heat-activated tapes offer potentially higher productivity than conductive glue or paste, ensuring a secure connection of the antenna and chip module, and providing you with higher flexibility. 


Non-conductive Heat Activate Tapes

With Contact Cards the chip is bonded to the cavity of the card. 

PPI Adhesive Products have developed a range of non-conductive heat-activated tapes for ID Cards, Sim Cards, and Transport Cards.

Our Heat-sealing film is suitable for the chip module embedding process for plastic contact cards commonly made from PVC, ABS & PC materials.

Teplom aktivované transferové pásky

Teplom aktivované transferové pásky ponúkajú vyššiu tepelnú odolnosť a sú považované za trvalé riešenie upevnenia. Používajú sa ako laminovacie lepidl...

Ako popredný výrobca v Európe vyrábame  inovatívne, efektívne a nákladovo úsporné riešenia pre mnoho rôznorodých aplikácií v širokej škále priemyselných odvetví.

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