Copper, which represents elegance with its orange-red appeal, is admired for its conductivity and resilience.
From ancient civilizations to modern industries, this metal has always been connected with the fabric of human progress, shaping history and innovation alike.
Copper has exceptional properties that are useful in many industries from electrical engineering to culinary arts:
  • high thermal and electrical conductivity,
  • durability
  • malleability that allows copper to be shaped into detailed designs, 
  • corrosion resistance that ensures longevity even in the face of adversity.
In the realm of electrical engineering, copper reigns supreme, serving as the backbone of cables, wires, and printed circuit boards. Its conductivity ensures efficient energy transfer, while its durability withstands the rigors of daily use. 
An unforgettable use of copper is shielding. For RF (radio frequency) shielding is copper one of the most effective materials.
Tin Clad Copper
Yet, where there are challenges, there are innovations. A Tin Clad Copper is a modern marvel that combines the conductivity of copper with the corrosion resistance of tin. 
This innovative construction ensures longevity and performance in even the harshest environments, making it essential in industries requiring durability and reliability.
Adhesive Tapes
In the adhesive tapes industry, copper adhesive tapes find new life, bringing in a revolution of conductivity and resilience. 
Copper foil tapes, with their superior conductivity and corrosion resistance, have become indispensable in electronics and beyond. 
Whether shielding sensitive equipment from electromagnetic interference or conducting energy with efficiency, copper tapes stand at the forefront of innovation.
Meanwhile, Tin Clad Copper tapes inherit the best of both worlds, offering an extended lifespan and a smooth soldering process. Their corrosion resistance makes them ideal for environments with prolonged exposure to moisture, ensuring reliability in critical applications.
Research and Development
PPI Copper and Tin Clad Copper-based tapes are available in the form of laminates, rolls, or die-cuts. Working closely with our R&D Department, we can provide innovative, bespoke solutions based on your ideas and specifications.

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