Web Splicing

PPI Adhesive Products Ltd manufactures an advanced range of splicing tapes to satisfy the most challenging of applications. For many industries, the splicing of siliconised materials has long been a problem at both room temperature & elevated temperatures. Following collaboration between our R&D department and customers, we have offered solutions to satisfy their needs.

Our capabilities:

  • Single-sided & Double-sided
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Permanent or removable options (residue-free)
  • Various base material thicknesses – standard 12µ to 50µ (thicker options upon request)
  • Differential adhesive options – high tack/low tack (rubber, acrylic, silicone)
  • Silicone top-coated option to ensure continuity of release even over the splice surface
  • Thin splicing solutions
  • Core starting options
  • Various Colours for identification

Industrial applications:

  • Various splicing tapes for processes ranging from PVC flooring production to fabric impregnation
  • Differential adhesive tapes for core starting & splicing and attachment of flexographic printing plates.
  • High tack Silicone Adhesive tapes for splicing of siliconised papers, films, and other materials with poor adhesion characteristics.

Splicing types:

  • Butt splicing – joining of two web ends together with a single coated splicing tape.
  • Overlap splicing - joining two separate webs together by applying a double-coated tape 

Differential Adhesive Double Sided Tapes

PPI can offer tailor-made solutions for many of our customer’s applications. Differential double sided tapes are used where varying levels of adhesion...

Heat Activated Reinforced Splicing Tapes

We provide reinforced splicing tapes mainly for floor coverings and other processes. They are heat-activated, reliable and they come in different size...

Heat Activated Transfer Adhesive Tapes

Heat activated adhesive transfer tapes also offers higher temperature resistance and is considered to be a more permanent attachment solution. Used as...

High Adhesion Double Sided Tapes

PPI’s range of high adhesion double-sided tapes is used for mounting and laminating applications across many industries. Combining high tack, high she...

Single Sided Splicing Tapes for Industrial Use

RD-203E High shear splicing tape. The synthetic rubber adhesive combines high adhesive strength with high shear strength making it particularly suitab...

As a leading manufacturer in Europe we produce innovative, effective, cost saving solutions for many diverse applications across a wide range of industries.

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