Other industrial tapes

These masking tapes for industrial use have a wide variety of purposes. Building/construction, glass-making and printing industries, manufacture of lighting fixtures and metal treatment processes are only some of the areas which have proved the versatility of PPI products across many diverse industrial applications & processes

Selected applications of the masking tapes for industrial use:

Other industrial tapes

  • Masking tapes designed for chemical processing ( etching ,anodising , primering
  • High temperature Polyimide hanging tags used as I.D. Labels during steel production. Resistant up to 600oC
  • Various splicing tapes for processes ranging from PVC Flooring production to Fabric Impregnation
  • Differential adhesive tapes for Core starting , splicing or attachment of printing plates.
  • Silicone Transfer Adhesives for bonding to silicone surfaces & substrates
  • High mechanical strength tapes used for bundling/banding Other industrial tapes




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Differential adhesive Double sided tapes
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