Airbag Industry

PPI Adhesive Products develops and manufactures:

Seal Tapes:
• Security and long-term stability with
direct coated engineered adhesives
• Fine-tuned technical adhesives are
specifically developed for Seal Tapes
• Guaranteed adhesive properties
by PPI Research and Development
• Variety of seal materials available
inclusive non-metallic materials
• Precision die-cutting for optimal
shape and tolerances
• Easy automation with matching liners

Identification Labels:
• Industrial grade materials
• Excellent bond to various surfaces
• Barcode & QR code compatible
• Ready for automated application
• Easy to print



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Name of the product card
Aluminium foil tapes (Speed tape)
Copper foil tapes
Differential adhesive Double sided tapes
Glasscloth tapes
High adhesion Double sided tapes
Labelstock polyester/PEN
Labelstock polyimide
Low ESD tapes
Low tack adhesive tapes
Plasma Spray Masking Tape
Powder Coat Masking Tapes
Tin Clad copper foils tapes