Photovoltaic Industry

In conjunction with Photovoltaic solar panel producers PPI Adhesive Products Ltd have developed a range of tailor made products to suit the various manufacturing and assembly procedures associated with this industry. These masking tapes for photovoltaic industry have many key properties including UV resistance, moisture resistance, chemical & temperature resistance combined with excellent mechanical strength where required.

Selected applications of the use of PPI masking tapes in photovoltaic industry:


  • Flexible Connectors for PV Modules using Tin Clad copper / Polyester Insulation
  • Various Tabbing tapes for securing Solar Cells during PV panel Production
  • Black coloured tapes for obscuring tin-clad Bus Bars
  • Silver & White coloured  Identification labels for PV Panels
  • Repair tapes for PV Panel backsheets
  • Reinforcing tapes to protect metal strips during PV Production
  • Specific Die-Cut shapes available on request

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