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Transformer insulation tapes

  • Posted on: November 12, 2014 - 4:00pm
Transformer insulation tapes

Let us direct your attention to our successfully used paper backed filament tape for ultimate high-tensile environments.

Generally these tapes are expected to provide mechanically solid insulation layer coated with the transformer oil resistant adhesive. Specially based on the customers’ demands we developed high tack, mechanically and electrically resistant tape with the paper basis, glass filaments reinforced, with the polyacrylate adhesive.

It’s all due to its excellent tensile strength combined with the improved adhesive properties, which predetermines its use for the construction of transformers and other sophisticated applications.

RD-974D - paper backed glass filament tape for oil filled transformers

The tape is based on oil saturable paper backing laminated with mono-directional glass filaments and coated with an oil resistant, high tack polyacrylate adhesive. RD-974B exhibits excellent tensile strength performance combined with a high adhesive strength and a specialised release system ensures that after winding the tape on itself and curing as recommended, a quality bond is achieved. RD-974B provides a permanent insulation layer that is resistant against most transformer oils. The paper backing allows good saturation between the wrapped layers of tape, avoiding the potential for air voids between the layers that can lead to corona discharge.            


  • core, layer and final insulation of coils and oil-filled transformers
  • heavy duty banding tape for use in medium and large dry type transformers 


  • paper
  • glass filaments
  • adhesive layer

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